1. The You Look Nice Today Starter Pack


    Waiting to go on

    Welcome to this annotated introduction to You Look Nice Today, A Journal of Emotional Hygiene.

    To acquaint yourself (or a special friend) with our program, we invite you to download and enjoy six of our favorite episodes:

    DOWNLOAD: “You Look Nice Today Starter Pack” (127 MB zip file)

    This officially-sanctioned Starter Pack includes: “Sacks-Minnelli Disease,” “Truck Spank,” “The Tux Age,” “OPN♥WDE,” “Expressed as a Vest,” and “The Good Part

    Also, please do feel free to explore further into the YLNT franchise by browsing the links below and by subscribing to our program for free via RSS or iTunes. New episodes of the program are posted on the second of each month.

    It’s a start.

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      If you don’t want your black shriveled heart to swell with joyous laughter, DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE
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      There’s a new episode of YLNT out this week. It’s still one of my favorite podcasts/episodic comedy stylings. If you...
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      The boys are back!
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      Because the world needs more poop jokes
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      This…makes me incredibly happy. Like a friend you haven’t seen in awhile visiting town. No, happier. LIke a friend you...
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      should totally listen...Part. “Okay. Listen this part right here! Aah forget it”
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      Required listening.
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